Dear Delegates, Faculty Advisors, and Friends of HNMUN-LA,

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the Fifth Session of Harvard National Model United Nations Latin America! The conference will be held from January 13th to 16th in 2016 at the Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México in Mexico City. For more details, check out our conference schedule here.

Founded just four years ago, HNMUN Latin America strives to build upon traditional substantive excellence through unparalleled innovation and international exchange in a culturally vibrant city. HNMUN Latin America seeks to uphold the ideals of diplomacy and meaningful debate, while fostering international cooperation through an understanding of the world’s cultures, societies and beliefs. Our staff of Harvard undergraduates brings a rich experience with model UN, as well as an endless innovative energy in seeking to create – to invent – a truly unforgettable experience. The diverse selection of committees we offer, in English and in Spanish, including two General Assemblies, three Economic and Social Councils, two Specialized Agencies and an extensive Third Party Actors program is buttressed by multimedia presentations, expert witnesses and distinguished speakers from around the world. Our fifth session will far exceed the previous sessions both within and outside of the committee, fostering innovative ideas with an emphasis on the holistic delegate experience.

On behalf of the entire HNMUN-LA team, I am truly looking forward to welcoming you all to Mexico City for HNMUN-LA 2016!


Taji A. Hutchins
Harvard National Model United Nations – Latin America 2016