HNMUN Latin America is proud to offer 8 substantive committees in 2016, including two Spanish-speaking committees.

General Assembly


Topic: Border Control

Legal Committee

Topic: Corruption in Peacekeeping Forces

Economic and Social Council and Regional Bodies


Topic: Preservation of Art and Culture in Conflict Zones

La Comisión de Desarrollo Social

Topic: La Integración Social de Minorías Étnicas

Cumbre Extraordinaria de las Américas

Topic: Consecuencias de la Urbanización Acelerada

Specialized Agencies

Security Council

Topic: Territorial Disputes in the South China Sea

Cabinet of  President Felipe Calderón, 2006

Continual crisis

Third Party Actors Program

Please note: All seats in the Specialized Agencies committees are through assignment only. Some seats in the Third Party Actors Program are automatically assigned with specific country assignments. Other seats are reserved for individual delegates through an application process. For more information, please see the “How to Apply: Individual” page.