HNMUN Latin America is proud to offer 8 substantive committees in 2015, including two Spanish-speaking committees.

General Assembly


Topic: Transnational Gangs as the root of the violence in Central America and Mexico


Topic: Medical Conditions in Low-Income Countries

Economic and Social Council


Topic: Malnutrition and Child Mortality

Organización de los Estados Americanos

Topic: Protestas Antigubernamentales

Specialized Agencies

Security Council

Topic: Rise of Islamist Insurgency in Nigeria

Ministerial Cabinet of Alberto Fujimori

Continual crisis

Congreso de la República del Perú

Topic:  Los pueblos indigenas y las industrias extractivas

Third Party Actors Program

Please note: All seats in the Specialized Agencies committees are through assignment only. Some seats in the Third Party Actors Program are automatically assigned with specific country assignments. Other seats are reserved for individual delegates through an application process. For more information, please see the “How to Apply: Individual” page.