Conference Materials

HNMUN-LA 2018 Conference Policies

The Conference Policies include all of guidelines and procedures for applying to our conference. They also include a timeline of fees and deadlines. Delegations must either accept these policies online at our registration database or mail a signed copy to our office in order to participate in the conference.

HNMUN-LA 2018 Financial Assistance Application

HNMUN-LA is committed to helping all of its delegates afford a safe trip to Lima and an enjoyable stay in the Peruvian capital. Financial assistance will be offered to delegations with a demonstrated need.

HNMUN-LA 2018 Guide to Fundraising

Delegations are encouraged to seek alternative funding sources to help ease their financial burden. Our staff is available at all time to discuss your options and help make the trip to Lima a safe and affordable one!

HNMUN-LA 2018 Rules of Procedure

This is a guide to the Rules of Procedures that will be used throughout the conference. We will also offer a RoP training before the first committee session for those who are less familiar with RoP. The Rules of Procedure are a guide to how committee shall be run, but the implementation of the rules are subject to the Chair's discretion.