Kyle Sargent

Kyle Sargent is a rising senior at Harvard College, studying Mathematics and Computer Science. Prior to attending college, he lived in Chicago. At Harvard, he is very involved in the International Relations Council, a politics and diplomacy-oriented student group. He is very excited to be directing DISEC for HNMUN-LA this year. In the past, he directed for HMUN Boston and HMUN China, and has traveled to multiple conferences with Harvard’s competitive Model UN team.  

Outside of the IRC, Kyle’s extracurricular interests include machine learning research and pool-playing. He also enjoys cult movies and doing impressions. 


Topic: Counterterrorism & State Capacity Building

Former President George W. Bush once said the international community was “threatened less by conquering states than by failing ones.” Residents of failed states routinely suffer from human rights violations. Despotic governments of failed states channel resources away from development. Failed states function as safe havens for terrorism.

The Disarmament and International Security Committee at HNMUN-LA 2019 will address two failing states: Afghanistan and Pakistan. The governments of both these countries are too weak to control their territory and effectively develop their human capital; as such, problems such as those noted above have arisen. With nuclear weapons, Pakistan’s erratic leadership, and the Taliban controlling vast swathes of the Afghan countryside, the United Nations stands to gain from the development of both countries. We will explore methods to stabilize the region through developing local human capital, infrastructure, security, and the expansion of counter-terror initiatives.