Kiara is a rising sophomore at the College from Fullerton, California (objectively, the best state). She is planning to study Government and/or Social Anthropology with a citation in Spanish. This past year, she Assistant Directed for Administration at HNMUN and the General Assembly at HMUN. In addition to HNMUN-LA, she will be directing for Administration again at HNMUN, and for ECOSOC at HMUN and HMUN China. She is also involved in Citizenship Tutoring and the Community Action Committee at the Insitute of Politics. She can usually be found trying to convince herself to stop watching Netflix to do her readings and mustering up the courage to ask people if she can pet their dogs in the Yard. Kiara is super excited to be in México again and to meet all the delegates!


In recent years, the world has seen a spike in severe refugee crises perpetuated by non-state actors. Non-state actors can be associations ranging from NGO’s and corporations to armed bodies and criminal organizations. According to the UNHCR, “From 2011 to 2016, the number of people from the Northern Triangle who have sought refuge in surrounding countries has increased by 2,249 percent”. The outflow of refugees has not stopped as gangs, known as maras, continue to contribute to some of the highest global homicide rates, as well as sexual violence and extortion. When refugees arrive in other countries they are harassed and met with even more violence like Syrian refugees in Lebanon and Rohingya refugees in India experienced. Many of the countries that accept the most refugees due to proximity do not have enough resources for the sheer demand produced by gang violence in the Northern Triangle of Central America and terrorism in Syria, while the countries with the most available resources have been historically strict with their borders. The task this committee faces is to develop achievable plans to alleviate the burdens of refugees on their life-threatening journeys to safety and of the countries that choose to accept them.