HNMUN Philosophy

True to the mission of the United Nations as declared in its 1945 charter, HNMUN serves as a forum in which students from colleges and universities around the world can meet to discuss the greatest challenges facing the world today, in fields ranging from international peace and security to economic and social progress and human rights. In this spirit, the goal of HNMUN is to begin a process whereby constructive debate today can lead to solutions tomorrow. HNMUN strives to ensure that the committees we offer provide an educational and comprehensive look at a diverse range of pressing issues. Our directors work throughout the conference to make debate as realistic as possible, so that our delegates get a sense of the complexities of real-world international negotiation, and, as with the real United Nations, place an unequalled emphasis on cooperation and compromise rather than on the supremacy of any one country’s position. In this way, delegates get a chance to learn about international affairs and how to represent a country’s position while working with hundreds of other delegates.

We bring to this conference nearly sixty years of experience and a staff that always exhibits the highest levels of enthusiasm and professionalism both in committees and behind the scenes. For both Model UN veterans and delegates new to the circuit, HNMUN-LA 2018 will uphold these standards by providing a unique and rewarding experience that emphasizes diplomatic courtesy, verbal and written skills, and cultural immersion inside the four walls of the committee rooms and out into the beautiful Peruvian capital.

Substantive Excellence

Our staff works tirelessly to write the most well-informed and up-to-date study guides and research materials. We make it our responsibility to ensure that delegates are given a solid foundation of knowledge before conference so they will have an engaging intellectual experience in committee. We place a high premium on professionalism and preparation, and all of our directors are dedicated to ensuring that all delegates have the opportunity to access the necessary resources in order exceed their own expectations.

Dedication Behind the SCenes

While delegates interact mainly with the staff of their committees, HNMUN-LA is made possible by the ongoing efforts of experienced executive staff members that work behind the scenes to handle conference logistics and ensure that every delegate’s experience is as seamless, rewarding, and enjoyable as possible. 

Tradition and Innovation

Founded only a decade after the creation of the United Nations, HNMUN is the oldest simulation of its kind and the product of years of gradual refinement. Each year’s session of HNMUN builds on the successes of the previous one. HNMUN is thus founded upon a solid tradition but never ceases to innovate, and HNMUN-LA 2018 will embody this spirit to the fullest extent.

Size and Diversity

The staff of HNMUN-Latin America 2018 is dedicated to increasing our international nature and diversity, building upon the previous six years and our parent conference in Boston. Our commitment to internationalism breeds a cultural diversity that we consider to be one of our proudest achievements, as each new perspective contributes to richer debate.

New and Improved Delegate and Faculty Resources

HNMUN-LA is commitment to cultivating extremely positive delegate and faculty relations. HNMUN-LA will further both its own relationship with faculty advisors as well as their communications with each other through networking resources such as pre-conference chat groups. At conference, the Faculty Room will also be open during all committee hours for faculty advisors and head delegate events, including innovative panels with distinguished speakers.