Spencer Ma

Spencer Ma is a rising senior at Harvard College studying Economics with a minor in European Studies. Originally from Southern California, Spencer has participated in a wide variety of Model United Nations conferences in his time at Harvard. Spencer was the Under-Secretary-General of Administration for WorldMUN 2017, directed the European Union at WorldMUN 2018, and will serve as the Secretary General of WorldMUN 2019. Other than WorldMUN, Spencer was also the USG of Administration for HNMUN-LA this past year. His interests center around economic development, international relations, and public finance but in a non-academic setting, he enjoys watching soccer and traveling the world. Spencer is extremely excited to be coming back to HNMUN-LA to chair the UNSC on the Salvadoran Civil War and cannot wait to meet delegates from all over the world!

Topic: Salvadoran Civil War

On October 15, 1979, the first shots of the El Salvadoran Civil War were fired, occurring in the midst of a coup and leading to the death of multiple anti-coup protestors by the government as well as the guerrilla groups. Years later, civil conflict ran rampant throughout the country, elevating the death toll and creating a large amount of inequality. El Salvador soon became the nation with the lowest per capita income in the Central American region, and unemployment skyrocketed to an alarming 45 percent in the early part of the 1980’s. Over time, a multitude of problems began to arise in the El Salvadoran society, creating a detrimental mixture of issues stemming from social inequity, religion, foreign influence, and much more. It is now up to the United Nations Security Council to restore peace within the area and provide the aid that is required to the people who have suffered for so long over the past years. With the help of the United Nations, El Salvador can still only hope to be put back on the right track.