Kyle Sargent

Kyle is a rising junior at Harvard College, studying Mathematics and Computer Science. Prior to attending college, he lived in Chicago. At Harvard, he is very involved in the International Relations Council, a politics and diplomacy-oriented student group. Within the IRC this year, he is directing the International Court of Justice for HNMUN-LA and is also serving as the Undersecretary-General for Operations for HMUN China. In the past, he directed for HMUN Boston and HMUN China and traveled with Harvard’s competitive Model UN team. Outside of the IRC, Kyle’s extracurricular interests include machine learning research and pool-playing. He also enjoys cult movies and doing impressions. 

Topic: The Republic of Nicaragua v. The United States of America (1986) 

In 1986, Nicaragua accused the United States of supporting the Contras, a domestic right-wing militant group bent on destabilizing and overthrowing the current regime. In a landmark case brought before the ICJ, the US was found in violation of international law and forced to compensate Nicaragua, but openly defied the ruling of the ICJ.

In this committee, delegates will simulate the historical proceedings of the ICJ leading to this contentious decision, as both judges and litigants for either side. Depending on the forcefulness of the arguments for the US and Nicaragua, things may turn out differently.