Next Generation Schedule

Registration: 8:30am-9:00Am (PAtio Central)

Session One: 9:00Am-11:30AM (Pergola, Pabellón F)

The first session will focus on many of the advanced skills needed for debate and Model UN. Participants will be taught on how to make effective speeches on a variety of topics from our directors, and then begin by practicing their public speaking skills on this broad array of topics. During this process, each student will receive personalized feedback on their speeches as well as advice on how to improve. The Harvard directors will provide clear next steps and exercises to train students in public speaking, so that they ultimately are able to improve the rhetoric, eloquence, and negotiating skills present in every speech.

Students will then be divided into small groups and given a topic to debate. The participants will work together in teams to prepare for the debate. Each of these groups will be overseen by a Harvard director, who will provide advice and guidance for how they can translate their public speaking skills into effective debate. Throughout the debate, each student will receive helpful feedback.

Finally, students will become accustomed to the writing styles of a Model UN committee. The Harvard directors will lead a short instruction of how to write effective pre-ambulatory and operative clauses before breaking the students off into small groups to work on writing resolutions on a major global problem. In addition, this will be accompanied with learning about parliamentary procedure, the flow of a Model UN committee, and other strategies and tactics to create effective Model UN delegates.

Lunch: 11:30AM-12:30PM (Cafeteria, for a fee)


Session two: 12:30PM-2:45PM (Pergola, Pabellón F)

After learning the skills for a Model UN delegate, participants in Next Generation will have the opportunity to truly experience a Model UN committee. Prior to the program, all students will be provided a document regarding a current international issue, and everyone will be assigned a country to represent in a simulation of the United Nations on the issue. The afternoon session will see the delegates participating in a committee session directed by one of the HNMUN-LA directors, who have undergone extensive training on directing and competing in Model UN. The committee session will be an opportunity for students to use the skills learned in the first session, as well as receive dynamic and real-time feedback on their public speaking, substance, writing, and more.

Before the end of Next Generation, all students will participate in a debriefing of the day, in which they will receive a final round of feedback and have an opportunity to discuss what they learned over the course of the day.