Session One

Session one will focus on public speaking and advanced techniques for debate and Model UN. Each student will be provided with personalized feedback on practice speeches. Session one will begin by making speeches on a broad range of topics chosen and explained during session one by our directors. This sequence of Next Generation will not require preparation in advance. Harvard students will then give each student individualized, constructive feedback on their public speaking skills. Through a variety of speaking exercises, students will be able to improve their argumentation style, eloquence, and diplomatic skills.  

Next, students will be divided into two different groups and given a topic to debate. The workshop leader will provide delegates with advice and tips on how to be an effective debater. Students will have time to prepare for the debate as a team. Once again, all Next Generation students will be provided with feedback.

Finally, students will spend time learning about the details of a Model UN committee to prepare for the afternoon session. By lunch, they will have a thorough understanding of parliamentary procedure, negotiation tactics, and the different forms of debate and writing in a model UN committee. Harvard directors will also share their perspective on the best strategies that will allow students to be effective Model UN delegates.  

Session two

In this session, students will have the opportunity to experience a true model UN committee. Prior to Next Generation, all students will have read the brief provided by HNMUN-LA about a current event in international relations. All students will also have been assigned a country to represent in a simulation of the United Nations to discuss the issue. In this afternoon session, students will get to participate as delegates in a committee session directed by one of the HNMUN-LA directors, who have undergone extensive training on directing and competing in model UN. This committee session will be dynamic and engaging and will allow students to practice previously developed skills and gain substantive knowledge about a pressing issue.

Before the adjournment of Next Generation, all students will participate in a debriefing of the day, in which they will receive a final round of feedback and have an opportunity to discuss what they learned over the course of the day.