Our mission is to give delegates the skills, tools, and partners they need in order to be a force for positive change in the world.


We all have goals, ambitions, and dreams for our local communities and the global society, and we all want to serve as forces for positive change. HNMUN-Latin America is dedicated to bringing educational and cultural experiences to our delegates to empower them as leaders and impart their knowledge upon the rest of the world. 

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Find out about our organization and its mission, our methods and resources, and the opportunities that will make HNMUN-LA 2019 the best session of the conference yet.

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A Message from the Secretary-General

Dear Delegates, Faculty Advisors, and Friends of HNMUN-LA 2019,

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It is my distinct pleasure and honor to welcome you to the eighth session of Harvard National Model United Nations Latin America! My name is Daniel Menz, and I am the Secretary-General for HNMUN-LA 2019. We are so excited to be hosting our beloved conference from January 10th-January 13th. As a director at HNMUN-LA 2017 and the Under-Secretary-General for Operations this past year, I am thrilled to continue my leadership with this conference, and it is my greatest aspiration to provide the most rewarding educational and cultural experience for hundreds of delegates across the world.

Model UN has many meanings for many different people. For me, Model UN is an educational and intercultural exchange, a diplomatic exercise that extends beyond the walls of our conference venue, and, perhaps most importantly, a social engagement that creates lifelong relationships and partnerships among staffers and delegates. The spirit of our conference’s governing organization, the Harvard International Relations, and the broader Model UN community is perfectly captured by the Harvard’s Latin American Conference. Dedicated team after dedicated team has run a substantively excellent and socially engaging conference in order to provide an important educational service to hundreds delegates from across Latin American and the world.

Over the course of the next 11 months, I will work with our Harvard Secretariat and directors and our host team to ensure that HNMUN-LA 2019 is the most successful iteration of the conference yet. This past year, our conference was a huge success. Our Secretariat worked to add a number of innovations to our conference. Accordingly, our staff introduced HNMUN-LA Next Generation, added a fourth social event to our schedule, launched a new website, and hosted the conference at the state-of-the-art Lima Convention Center. For the 2019 edition of HNMUN-LA, my staff and I will look forward to building upon these changes and introduce new innovations. Namely, we will prioritize the inclusivity and expansion and the delegate experience of the eighth iteration of the conference. By reaching out to more communities across Latin America, making our conference more inclusive to high school students with the addition of high school committees, and further improving the incredible cultural and social experience we provide to our attendees, our team will ensure that every single delegate finds a home in our family.

The commitment to educate and inspire a generation of the brightest students and leaders of Latin America is thus a responsibility that humbles me and drives me to maximize the learning, social, and cultural experience of our delegates. I am excited to use my substantive experience as a former director and my executive experience in the Operations organ to ensure that this conference reaches its fullest potential. My team and I look forward to getting to know each and every one of you better over the next year!

Daniel Stuart Menz