Please note that your MUNBase application will not be activated until we have received your delegation's $50 registration fee (with a credit card). After you have finished applying, you should receive a email from the Harvard International Relations Council with a QuickBooks invoice. The email will direct you to the QuickBooks website, which you should use to pay. Fees for university delegates and high schools delegates are the same. Delegations and individual delegates may complete their payment through MUNBase, or the two alternative payment methods listed below if they are unable to use a credit card. More information can be found below (all prices shown in USD):

Registration Fee            $50

Required for each individual delegate or delegation (delegations must have at least four students and no more than 40, including the Head Delegate)

Delegate Fee                   $80

Required for each delegate, whether individual or part of a delegation

NextGen Fee $35 

Faculty Advisor Fee         $80

Required for each faculty advisor in a delegation


> $15 USD for registration fees paid past the deadline (December 1st)

> $20 USD for delegate fees paid past the deadline (December 15th)

> $15 USD for delegate names and liability waivers submitted past the deadline (December 15th)

Alternative Payment Methods

Wire Transfer

If you are completing your payment through wire transfer, please contact us at so that we can provide you with the appropriate information. After you have completed the wire transfer, please send another email to confirming your payment and include the wire transfer confirmation number so that it can be verified.


If you are residing in the United States, checks can be mailed to our office at Harvard. Please note that if you intend to register using check, we cannot receive it until after September 1st, 2019. Please write "HNMUN-LA 2020" in the memo line:

Sending Checks to Harvard:

Harvard International Relations Council

59 Shepard Street Box 205

Cambridge, MA 02138