Andrew Jiang

Andrew is a rising senior at Harvard studying Statistics and Mathematics with a secondary in Economics. On campus, he recently served as the ICMUN Head Delegate, through which he traveled across the country to compete in eight various different MUN conferences. Andrew has also served as a Director and a Crisis Director in HMUN, HNMUN, HMUN India, and HACIA. He is most interested in exploring historical and modern day issues in Latin America, and is incredibly excited to be in Lima to help organize HNMUN-LA. 

Andrew focuses on being as genuine as possible, and isn’t afraid to be silly when it counts. He is also quite the adventurer. He has been cliff jumping in Mexico and, in one of his lower moments, had locals instruct his brother to urinate on his foot after stepping on a sea urchin in Jamaica. Andrew is a fan of true crime books, and you can find him binging on a true crime documentary or TV show when he is not working or traveling. He is extremely excited to be directing at HNMUN-LA 2019! 

Topic: Advocacy & Representation

The Third Party Actors committee at HNMUN-LA will be focused on the major themes of advocacy and representation. Members of the committee will be representing Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) and private enterprises all with the expressed goal of solving international and global problems. While all of the committees at HNMUN-LA are filled to the brim with national interests and representation, the members of TPA represent international organizations invested in finding worldwide solutions to education, peace-building, development, human rights, humanitarian aid, preservation of the environment, health, children and youth, and many more universal topics. TPA will have the responsibility for working closely with members across all committees to have their interests and voices heard and ultimately see the goals of their own parties expressed within the resolutions that are passed across the committee. In addition, members will be tasked with reporting the ongoing activities and diplomacy within all committees, and these reports will stand as evidence of the effect that organizations can have on global change and impact that these groups can have.