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A. Balim Barutcu

Balim is a sophomore at Harvard studying Social Studies, which combines politics, philosophy and economics. She is proudly Turkish, is of British upbringing and Singaporean background. Her favorite activities include reading, theatre, dance, and, of course, meeting new people through Model UN. As such, she hopes to be catalyst to the formation of some lasting memories at this year's HNMUN-LA, for all delegates and staff.

philosophy & tasks

The Third Party Association at HNMUN-LA will have the vital task of monitoring the functionality and effectiveness of the diplomatic world. Despite the rising tide of skepticism surrounding media organizations and non-governmental institutions dedicated to regulating standards of transparency and efficacy at a national and transnational level, TPA at HNMUN-LA 2018 will defend the autonomy of these third-party actors. Each organization represented in the will have the task of analyzing and commenting on the exploits of the various committees at conference, whether that be through exposing the inconsistencies and inefficiencies within them, or simply relaying the events that take place throughout the conference. The reports, articles, and footage put forth at the end of the conference will stand together in defiance of censorship, suspicion, and institutional opacity, which is what makes this meeting of so many news agencies and organizations as crucial, philosophically, and as topical as it is .